Christian Potenza



Melanie Davis

Melanie's passion in life is Voice Acting and she leads the Voice Department at The Infinity Forge.

Melanie currently teaches Voice Acting at Niagara College and George Brown College and is a voice director for multiple non-union projects.

When she isn't busy being the Voice of Poppy from the Cutie Pugs she spends her time writing and producing her own cartoons. 

Damon Papadopoulos

Damon has been writing for radio for almost 30 years. In that time, he's won numerous awards (Crystal Radio Awards, NY Festival Awards, Golden Marble Marketing Awards) for both writing and voice work. He's worked in Chatham, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto and Hamilton. He was the former Creative Director of the FAN 590. He runs his own small ad agency called The Answer Guys Creative Services since 1997. He's now branched off into corporate video scripting and writing scripts for cartoons and tween comedies.

Damon has been voice acting for even longer, with his first commercial broadcast at his old high school. Since then, he's voiced too many radio commercials too count. He is a union voice listed with one of the top agencies in the country, ETM Ltd. He's been the voice of Toys R Us Canada radio and Nissan Canada radio. He's been on cartoons like Arthur, Almost Naked Animals, Fugget About It and more. He's the voice of the Heart and Stroke Lottery. He can be heard on the Ubisoft video game "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" and in the upcoming movie biopic "Goalie" coming out in 2019.

Sonya Cote

Sonya Cote is a film and television actress, singer, voice actor and author. Born in Montreal, Sonya began acting at the age of 4 on her father's television show Tween Set. At 13, she was professionally singing in bars and musical theatre productions. She left home at 18 and literally sang for her supper on the streets of Montreal for a year,  playing guitar and singing, and auditioning for everything she could. She worked as a model and did commercials, jingles and voice work. 

Moving from Montreal to Toronto, she worked as a nude dancer, burlesque entertainer or vaudevillian style singer from NYC to Mumbai to Paris. Today, 4 decades later, Sonya continues to work full time in the entertainment industry, most recently appearing on Suits and American Gods in late 2018. 

Sonya has chronicled and published many of her dancing, acting and travel stories in her book, titled I'm Not Naked(anymore); Memoirs of a Contemporary Jezebel (2018) @Amazon. 

Kat Germain

Kat Germain is a member of the Audio Description Association (ADA, UK), the Canadian Association of Theatre Research, ACTRA, the Ontario College of Teachers and recently joined the Canadian Described Video Best Practices Committee. Kat was trained to describe in 2010 by Deb Lewis of Arts Access Now (L.A.) and has described everything from Aerial Circus Arts to wheelchair basketball.

Kat has been teaching for nearly 25 years. In 2001 she started working for the Toronto District School Board and primarily works in intensive support classrooms with kids who are neurodiverse - on the Autism Spectrum, or with Global Developmental Delay. Kat has led or facilitated workshops including:

  • (upcoming) Deepening knowledge and broadening scope: Guiding Patrons who are Blind/ partially sighted (AGO)

  • Advocacy for Access (Canadian Council of the Blind, Toronto Visionaries Chapter)

  • Remember the Sandwich Board (Jumblies Theatre)

  • Welcoming your Blind and Partially Sighted Patrons (YPT)

  • Voice as Essential Instrument in Creation (Fides Krucker)

  • Intro to Baby Clown (Mike Kennard)

Kat is an advocate for increased inclusivity, autonomy and multiversal opportunities for people from historically marginalized communities, focusing on artists who have lived experience with disability. This includes art creation with other disability-identified artists.

Erika Sidney

Erika is an Actor, Business of Acting Consultant, Freelance Casting Coordinator & Research Specialist. For over a decade she’s worked with some of Canada's leading casting facilities, helped run seamless auditions, liaised with major production houses/ad agencies and directors, negotiated with some of Toronto's most respected agents, found new talent and chatted with hundreds of actors about their ups, downs and experiences. 

She LOVES collaborating with other artists, kicking their butts into gear and watching them succeed!

 Harlee-Jean Alexander

I am Harlee Jean.
And I am a human in a body;

I have dedicated the last five years of my life to how I can support others in recognizing and celebrating the value of their own body. 

I have had years of experience in this skin and bone and soft tissue packaging. 

I am a mother, daughter, sister, widow and friend.
All of those pathways have led me here, To you. 

I have studied anatomy and physiology for years. I then applied that knowledge to all of my practices beginning as a yoga instructor, then a personal trainer, which has led me to become the movement coordinator for the performing arts. 

As of this January I will have completed my certification for Movement for Trauma. 

I am beyond passionate about learning. My credentials will continue to grow in order to serve others with the best of my abilities. 

Jay Ziebarth 

Jay Ziebarth has been working in creative media since 1999 when he launched his first cartoon website under the moniker "Zeebarf". Since then Jay has worked in every facet of media, from print and web design to TV and Video Game production.

In 2004 Jay co-created the Gemini award-winning animated TV series "Sons of Butcher" for Teletoon. In addition to being the lead character designer, Jay also co-wrote and starred in all 26 episodes as "Doug Borski". In 2007, Jay created the web-based video game "The Visitor", which became a viral hit with over 70 million plays worldwide and launched a new career in game design. Thanks to play-through videos by famous youtubers "Markiplier" and "Jack Septic Eye", The Visitor is still going strong and the entire game series can now be found on mobile devices.


David Alexander Stinson

David Stinson is an Audio Engineer, Writer, Producer, Musician and for many years a Post-Production Supervisor. After graduating College David began his career as an assistant and then recording engineer working with a multitude of acts before fame came calling for them (KD Lang, Jane Siberry)! Creating and collaborating with artists from across the musical spectrum David transitioned from small independent music to working with major label artists at one of the largest studio facilities in North America (Sounds Interchange now Technicolour Toronto). Filled with the desire to branch out and find new challenges David transitioned to Film and Television Post as a dialogue recordist for cartoons (Beetlejuice, XMen, etc) and foley mixer for television drama (nominated for MPSE for Robocop the Series). But the siren song of commerce was loud and he soon moved to commercial work and eventually Broadcast television at Alliance Atlantis and later Shaw Media. There he won several Promax, BDA and New York Festival awards for both Sound Design and Writing. David was also profiled in industry magazine Professional Sound. After 20 years of Broadcast television as a Post Audio Supervisor (successfully launching brands like HGTV, History and Food Network to the Canadian market) David sought new creative vistas. He has now redefined himself writing spec scripts, treatments and pitches that he has been lucky enough to sell to numerous production companies. He is currently in development with two animated series that he can’t wait to talk about! David still mixes (he has just finished the pilot Day Players for FYI Productions) and is a fixture at many top studios in Toronto. He has worked on a variety of content from large format (Rolling Stones: At The Max) to Broadcast (Holmes on Homes), Features (I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing, LOTR), Commercials , Podcasts and Webvideo (SwitchBoard) and of course cartoons. Proud father of two and occasional amateur puppeteer David continues to search for creative collaborations to bring new voices to the world.